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How Do I Get Started?

Common uses for VPSs and how to get started

Web Hosting

Host a Website

If you want to host a website we recommend you purchase a AlmaLinux 8 + cPanel plan. We offer a free service called 'Initial cPanel Setup', if you have not setup a new installation of cPanel/WHM we recommmend you take this option as our engineers will prepare cPanel/WHM so all you need to do is create an account and login to the familiar cPanel environment. We can even help you optimize it for your website.

Forex Trading System

Run a Forex Trading System

If you intend to run a forex trading system on a VPS, you will require the operating systems Windows 2012 R2, Windows 2016 or Windows 2019. You can order MT5 pre installed, or through remote desktop access to your VPS, and can login, open internet explorer and download and install MT4 from your broker directly on the server. Disconnecting from the VPS does not close any applications you've started within remote desktop.

Gaming Servers

Gaming Servers

VPSBlocks is a professional services host, therefore at this time we do not allow gaming servers or gaming related websites (e.g. clan websites) which may be the target of DDOS attacks on our systems. If you are looking to operate a gaming server please search for specific gaming hosts.

Virtual Desktop

Use the VPS as a Virtual Desktop

You can run a Windows VPS as a virtual desktop for one or more users. Licensing allows up to 2 users to connect simultaneously. If you require more than that you will need to purchase remote desktop licenses. These are a monthly license of $7.50 per license required (remember you get 2 free). Alternatively consider using an Ubuntu Desktop operating system.

IP Addresses

Can I buy extra IP Addresses?

Each VPS gets one IP address (cPanel VPSs get 2 IPs by default). It is possible to be provided with an extra IP address, however, with a worldwide shortage and as per Aunic regulations, a valid reason must be provided. SSL on websites is no longer a valid reason providing your operating system supports SNI (Windows 2012 R2 and later version, as well as all cPanel installations fully support SNI - which allows multiple SSL certificates on a single IP). Extra IPs should not be used for anonymous proxies.

Sever Location

Where are your Servers Located?

All our servers are located in our data center in Melbourne. Our staff also work out of Melbourne. We do not employ overseas technical support companies.

Domain Name

The order form asks for a Domain, why?

We need to give the VPS a name. This is best if it's a publically available name, as we use this as the hostname for your server and setup a reverse DNS for proper mail delivery. If you are hosting websites it's best to use the main domain you intend to host on the VPS. If not, you can simply choose to use a free subdomain we provide.

Offsite Backups

Do you offer Offsite Backups?

Yes we do. You can purchase offsite backups as you go through the order process or at a later date. All offsite backups are backed up to our office which is 500 metres from the data center and has a direct link to our network for fast backup capabilities.


How do I order?

We recommend you read the other sections in the 'VPS Hosting Advice' pages, then once you've determined what you need go to the 'Pricing' section, select your operating system, configure your resources and then place your order.