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Our Affiliate Program

Like to make some extra cash by referring customers to VPSBlocks?

Run a design firm? Sell a forex trading system? Have access to customers requiring a VPS?

If you're looking for a straight commission on referrals this is the answer


A web developer creates 50 websites a year. Each website is recommended a cPanel VPS with 2GB RAM, 2 CPU Cores and 30GB Disk Space. The web developer would receive $54 per VPS each year x 50 = $2700. Year 2 signing on another 50 websites would bring the total amount received by the web developer from VPSBlocks to $5400.

A forex trader selling a system that runs on MT4 and a Windows VPS sells 100 system licenses a year. Each system is recommended a Windows VPS with 4GB Ram, 2 CPU Cores and 40GB Disk Space. This equates to $72 income for the forex trader per VPS x 100 = $7200. Year 2 increasing system sales by another 100 would bring the total income the forex trader would receive to $14400.