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Our Affiliate Program

Like to make some extra cash by referring customers to VPSBlocks?

Run a design firm? Sell a forex trading system? Have access to customers requiring a VPS?

If you're looking for a straight commission on referrals this is the answer


How It Works

Firstly, you need to have an account with us. You can register for an account here. You'll be automatically logged in after registration, click on the Number of Referred Signups: 'View' link, then activate the affiliate system. You will be provided a unique referral link.


Prospective Clients

Simply provide your clients the referral link (either through your website or directly). When they access our website via that link and then place an order you earn money.


How Do I Get Paid?

You will receive a 10% credit of any and all payments made by a client you referred to us. Once your account balance is greater than $50 you can login and request your funds to be transferred to you.



You simply provide your customers a the referral link and you receive 10% of all payments made by them. You don't need to offer them support for the VPS or manage their accounts.

So if you refer a single customer, who purchases on $99.95 monthly plan, you would earn $119.94 over the course of a year providing the customer remains active.


A web developer creates 50 websites a year. Each website is recommended a cPanel VPS with 2GB RAM, 2 CPU Cores and 30GB Disk Space. The web developer would receive $54 per VPS each year x 50 = $2700. Year 2 signing on another 50 websites would bring the total amount received by the web developer from VPSBlocks to $5400.

A forex trader selling a system that runs on MT4 and a Windows VPS sells 100 system licenses a year. Each system is recommended a Windows VPS with 4GB Ram, 2 CPU Cores and 40GB Disk Space. This equates to $72 income for the forex trader per VPS x 100 = $7200. Year 2 increasing system sales by another 100 would bring the total income the forex trader would receive to $14400.