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Jelastic PaaS (Platform-as-a-service) Hosting

Vertical and horizontal scaling cloud platform


PaaS container based hosting is perfect for websites with medium to large traffic, and is designed to handle substantial traffic spikes without downtime or slowness to your customers.

VPSBlocks has partnered with Jelastic to provide their scalable website & web application platform to the Australian market. Jelastic is one of the fastest and most scalable web app platforms in the world and supports PHP, Java, Node.JS, Ruby, Python and Go, with easy provisioning from Docker and Kubernetes.

We tested a site that was on a cPanel VPS and with a simple migration to the Jelastic platform we decreased the load time by over 30% and increased the Google Page Insights score by more than 15 without any site changes.

To learn more about this platform and begin a free trial please visit the dedicated website for it at