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Start Small, Grow Big

Our scalable cloud means you can upgrade anytime


You can easily add to the resources you have assigned to your VPS. As your business grows, you are safe in the knowledge that you can add resources to your system without worrying about costly migrations. You can upgrade or downgrade CPU, RAM, SSD Disk or SATA Disk, all is done through our control panel and is automatic after ordering. Usually adding/removing a resource is a quick as restarting your machine. Running services on a cloud-based VPS makes planning for the future very easy.

Traditional dedicated servers can be outgrown easily, resulting in costly migrations and even downtime. Adding new resources with the VPSBlocks system only takes seconds. If you have opted for the failover option even if you outgrow the physical resources on a server, using Hyper-V Clustering Technology we can perform live migrations to other physical Hyper-V machines without any downtime whatsoever. This makes host software upgrades a breeze and limits scheduled maintenance to very rare events.