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Selecting an Operating System

Generally your purpose for your VPS will determine which operating system you require.

CentOS 7, CloudLinux & Ubuntu 14

CentOS, CloudLinux and Ubuntu

CentOS or Ubuntu are our recommended operating systems for all HTML, PHP and Flash websites, CMS and MySQL servers. They have active communities and are regularly updated.

CentOS integrates with cPanel and Plesk. If you are intending to run cPanel you can also consider CloudLinux which comes with extra features available within cPanel such as the LVE manager to separate resources between websites.

Other options include Debian which is widely used.

Windows 2012 R2, 2016, 2019

Windows Variants

Windows is required for full compatibility when running ASP and ASP.NET websites and applications. If you have upgraded to Windows 10 and are familiar with the interface we recommend Windows 2019. You may run the older Windows variants if you prefer.

You can also run Plesk Panel for web hosting on any Windows platform. Plesk is $15 per month licensed to host 30 websites and you can add it during the order process.

Operating Systems

Other Operating Systems

The other operating systems are generally for techs who know exactly what they want. Ubuntu is a fantastic stable server and desktop operating system. Debian is a linux variant built on the same kernel as Ubuntu and very widely used primarily as a server operating system.