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VPSBlocks Corporate Virtualization

Does your company rely on it's infrastructure?

VPSBlocks can virtualise your in-house environment and provide a fully redundant system for your business

VPSBlocks offers corporate virtualisation services. We will evaluate your current infrastructure, advise what is required to meet your goals, determine a plan to achieve this with as little disruption to your services as possible, then in conjunction with your existing IT staff implement that plan.

Benefits of Virtualisation with VPSBlocks

  • Save energy costs, less physical servers means less power
  • Easily setup lab environments within your existing infrastructure
  • Increase service uptime by setting up self-healing failover
  • Increase uptime due to maintenance, as live migration allows for no-outage server maintenance
  • Faster server provisioning, need a new server, it can happen in a few minutes
  • Improve disaster recovery, an each server is stored in a single file, easily moved between hardware devices
  • Isolate applications, easily run a VPS for each application you require
  • Smart resource allocation means you aren't wasting resources and are putting them to best use
  • Extend the life of older applications, need to run 32 bit Windows 2003, no problems
  • We send an engineer to your location to discuss with your technical crew exactly what is required
  • At VPSBlocks we are goal focused. That means our aim is to determine and provide services that meet your end goals

System Designs
High Availability System Designs
  • High Availability Cluster Shared SAN High Availability Cluster Shared SAN with Hyper-V
  • High Availability Cluster Shared SAN High Availability Cluster Redundant SAN with Hyper-V
Contact Us Now
Contact Us Now

With recent advancements in technology now is the time to re-evaluate your infrastructure.

If you require 100% uptime for internal or public facing systems, contact us and let us know two things:

  • What are your requirements and goals?
  • What systems you currently have?