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VPSBlocks Private Cloud

A Private Cloud Environment

We can setup a completely private cloud with direct access to Microsoft System Center (SCVMM)

For high level requirements with your own redundant hardware, isolated networking, possible replication to alternative locations and complete access to virtualization management for your IT staff a private cloud offers medium to large businesses a complete solution in Australia.

Benefits of a Private Cloud

  • You choose the hardware for your dedicated server
  • You select the level of redundancy
  • Replication to external locations is available
  • Failover to external locations is available
  • 100% of your resources (Disk IO, CPU, RAM and networking) is yours
  • You negotiate your required networking and are provided an isolated network
  • Virtualized so your data is easily transferrable if you decide to move at any time
  • Virtualized so you can manage your server through Microsoft System Center (SCVMM)
  • Live migration of Virtual Machines means no downtime in a 100% online environment for maintenance

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A private cloud is the ultimate in flexibility and redundancy for large clients who require this level of service.

If you require 100% uptime for internal or public facing systems, contact us and let us know two things:

  • What are your requirements and goals?
  • What systems you currently have?