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VPSBlocks Direct VPS Replication

Replicate your servers in real time

We can setup direct replication of your VPS to multiple locations

We can setup direct replication of your VPS to local or external locations. This means that your VPS is continuously replicating elsewhere (generally with a 15 minute replication time). This ensures in the case of a necessary disaster recovery, or quicker failover, all your data is replicated to alternate infrastructure.

Benefits of Direct Replication (DR)

  • Your data is located in two places
  • In the event of a disaster it is easily recoverable
  • Manual failover to your DR server in the event of disaster means less downtime
  • External location DR safeguards against events such as natural disasters
  • At VPSBlocks we are goal focused. That means our aim is to determine and provide services that meet your end goals

Contact Us Now

With recent advancements in technology now is the time to re-evaluate your disaster recovery position.

If you require 100% uptime for internal or public facing systems, contact us and let us know two things:

  • What are your requirements and goals?
  • What systems you currently have?