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VPSBlocks Dedicated Virtualized Servers

Dedicated Servers in a Virtualized Environment

We can setup a dedicated server in a virtualized environment for clients requiring custom performance

At some point with high performance requirements dedicated servers become more cost effective than cloud servers. If you need that kind of performance then consider our dedicated virtualized servers. This means that your dedicated server is 100% your own and all the hardware benefits, but it runs the virtualization system giving you those benefits as well.

Benefits of Dedicated Virtualized Environments

  • You choose the hardware for your dedicated server
  • 100% of Disk IO, CPU and RAM is yours
  • Virtualized so your data is easily transferrable if you decide to move at any time
  • In the event of disaster your data is virtualized so can be moved into our cloud hardware
  • Virtualized so you can manage your server through our extensive web portal
  • Can be live migrated to cloud infrastructure for major hardware upgrades reducing downtime

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Dedicated virtualized environments provide the best of both worlds, performance and flexibility

If you require 100% uptime for internal or public facing systems, contact us and let us know two things:

  • What are your requirements and goals?
  • What systems you currently have?